What Does a Bail Bondsman Have to Offer You?

What Does a Bail Bondsman Have to Offer You?

A bail bondsman is the one who decides if you will be released from the county jail, all depending on what your charges were and how severe they are. If he feels that you should be released on bail he will then offer you one of three bail bonds including personal recognizance, cash bail, and a secured bond. If you are charged with any class A, B, or C felony charges, chances are you will not be able to receive a secured or recognizance bond at that point in time.

Personal Recognizance Bond

A personal Recognizance bond is basically a promise to the courts that you will show up to your assigned court date you were given on your summons. This type of bond does not require any type of cash bail to be made in order to be released from the county jail. All you have to do is sign your bail bond to be released and show up to your date at the specified time. If you do not show up to your court date, you can be charged with failure to appear, as well as violating your bail.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is one of the most common bonds offered by a 24 hour bail bondsman White Plains NY. Even though this type of bail is commonly offered, it is more difficult as bail can be set for as high as the bondsman feels necessary for the crime that you committed. If you cannot meet your cash bail requirements, you can request a bail hearing through your lawyer in hopes to have your bail amount lowered or the bond you are on changed. If you are able to make your cash bail, keep in mind if you violate, you will lose the money you bailed out on.

Secured Bail

A secured bail bond does not require you to pay any money up front to be released from jail, but it does require you to abide by all bail conditions, including making it to your next court date. If at any point in time before you go to court you violate bail, you will be asked to pay back the entire amount that was posted for your secured bail. If you make until the specified date, you will be taken off bail conditions and will not be required to pay back your secured bond.

Once you are arrested and brought to the county jail you will be informed on whether or not you can be released on bail. Some of the bail bonds that will be offered to you by the bondsman are secured, cash and recognizance. Keep in mind that if you are graciously given the opportunity to be released on a secured or cash bail and you violate, chances are you will not be given the opportunity again. Before signing your conditions of release, be sure to ask yourself if you are indeed capable of abiding by any and all conditions.